Saturday, November 8, 2014

Apple tree counting and worm in the apple spelling!

I only have an infant right now, so I don't have anyone to do these activities with. Never too soon to plan ahead, though! 

Apple tree counting

What you need: a few sheets of felt, glue, scissors and staples. 

Cut out your shapes. 

Glue your apple basket just around the edges like this so you can store the apples while you're not using them. 

Like this:

Staple the edges together and you have a book! 

Remove the apples from the tree and practice counting, adding and subtraction! (Hint: you don't glue the apples down) 

Worm in the apple counting
What you need: 

Construction paper 
Watercolor paint 
Exacto knife 
Scissors and glue 

Cut out your apple and carefully cut the slits in the apple for the Popsicle stick to slide through. 

Glue on your leaf, paint your "worm," and add letters. 

Use the backside, too, so you aren't wasting resources! :) 

Have fun spelling!! 

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